Symphony Australia

February 28, 2003

Narrative by: Jenny

The whole night from start to finish was totally awesome and I feel like I have said that a thousand times. But it really did bring KISS and their music to a whole new level.
Concert wise they started with their typical classic KISS, (see set list) full on right from the word go and the crowd just loved it.

The second set as it was called mellowed out a little with the acoustic versions of some of our favorite ballads and slower songs. Peter did Beth first up and in all honesty I had tears it was just beautiful with the strings behind him. As too was Forever, I could have been fooled for thinking that Paul was singing that just for me. Goin' Blind sounded excellent (one of my old favs) and Sure Know Something sounded fantastic as did Shandi. These were really big hits here in OZ in the 80's.
Set Three was just magnificent. The sounds that these musicians (MSO) were coming out with were mind blowing and when Paul said they were going to create a Symphonic Sonic Boom he wasn't kidding. I had no idea that it would sound so good and be that exciting.

Great Expectations was a bit special in that they had the Victorian Children's Choir accompany them with the chorus. And I Was Made had every one on their feet...(being probably the biggest hit that KISS have had here).
Paul's voice was superb and boy does he look good, Peter was enjoying himself so much...from where I was sitting it looked like him and Gene were kidding around a bit when Pete was on stage and they were taking little jabs at each other and hamming it up. Tommy.....yes he can play.....and yes he was very very good.....I think from memory he only sang one line solo which was in Shout it Out Loud. And Gene well he will always be 'da man' He too was loving every minute of it and yes he too is looking mighty fine.

The only disappointments that I can speak of was the set up for the sale of the merchandise...I cued for nearly 20 minutes at an outside vendor then another 40 minutes inside. And my seat left little to be desired. But I was just too happy to be there so who is complaining.
It is really really hard to find the right words to describe KISS and the MSO suffice to say that 'KISS ROCKS'.

Thanks to Krista and Mick for the photos