KISS Kruise II

October 31 - November 4, 2013

By: Wendy


On Saturday, October 26, 2002, I went to the NHRA races in Las Vegas. I knew there was going to be an interview with Gene and Paul and some of the race car drivers at Club Nitro. Finally I figured out that Club Nitro was a big huge tent off to the side and Gene was in there being interviewed. I asked how to get in to the tent and for $70.00 you got a wristband which allowed access into the tent all day. I rushed in and Gene was up on a little stage talking with John Force, the owner of the KISS funny car, and Tony Pedregon, the driver. Paul was not there. After the interview was done, Gene walked around and signed autographs and allowed people to take their picture with him. I went up to him and got my picture taken. Before he put his arm around me for the picture he reached up and fluffed my hair.

I told Gene I'd kissed his cheek on Valentine's Day at his book signing and asked if I could kiss his cheek again. He said yes, I kissed his cheek and the camera didn't work so I asked if I could do it again. I kissed his cheek a second time and the camera didn't work again so I kissed Gene's cheek a third time and it still didn't work so I gave up. One of Gene's photographers had taken a picture of me kissing Gene's cheek and she saw how frustrated I was and told me she'd send me a copy of the picture. Doc was there and I asked him where Paul was and he said Paul would be there around 11:00. I also asked Doc if I could have my picture taken with him. Muffins, pastries and coffee were being served for breakfast and Gene walked over and poured some coffee. I gave him a pen and he said he knew that site. Other people started coming up to Gene and he autographed some of their items using the pen. Unfortunately the camera once again didn't work.

Paul arrived and Gene and Paul went on a tour of the track. With them were two girls wearing black pants, the black and red KISS babydoll and makeup. Paul seemed to be with the girl wearing Gene's makeup and vice versa. These girls were with Gene and Paul the entire day and night. Gene and Paul then went onto the strip and when one of the cars took off, it was so loud and there was so much smoke that Paul walked off the track back to where the girls were standing and Gene stayed and swept the track. I started talking to a couple, Butch and Lisa, who had a bunch of cool KISS items to get autographed including a guitar for Paul to sign. Paul signed it in purple pen and it looks great. Gene and Paul started touring the pits so we followed them around.

Someone told us that Gene and Paul were going to be at the ESPN Zone in the New York New York casino at 7:00 for a signing. We headed over to the casino and the ESPN "signing" turned out to be a private party. The only way to get in was to have a wristband. The upstairs bar area was roped off with a sign saying that it was a private party. We asked an employee what was going on and were told that Gene, Paul and Ace would be there for a private party. (The rumor that Ace was there turned out to be false as did the rumor we had heard earlier that three members of KISS were in town.) We stood around outside the roped off area and we appeared to be the only KISS fans there and thought maybe we could look up the stairs and catch glimpses of Gene and Paul while they were at the party. Someone who had been part of the KISS entourage the entire day arrived for the party and saw us standing there. We asked about the party and were given passes to get into the party and were told not to tell anyone who let us in. We were given a wristband, two free drink tickets and a card that allowed us to use all the video games that were upstairs free of charge.

We went upstairs and sat down at the bar and waited for Gene and Paul. They showed up a little while later along with the two KISS girls. Doc and some of the race car drivers were also there. For a while we just sat there and watched them then we went over and took some pictures and got some items autographed. One lady had Gene autograph one of her breasts and had Paul autograph the other and Paul drew a star around her nipple. I got Gene all to myself for a minute or two and then Paul and it was the most amazing thing ever and I'll definitely never forget it. I had quite an interesting experience with both Gene and Paul. I also talked to Doc again for a few minutes. Gene and Paul were scheduled to appear at the Coyote Ugly bar which was also in New York New York at 9:00. Gene and Paul had left and were already there by the time we got there. Even though it was advertised as a signing and photo opp that didn't appear to be what was going on. Paul might have been autographing things when he first got there but when we arrived he was off to the side watching the Coyote Ugly girls dance on the bar. They even sent the two KISS girls up to dance for a song. Gene of course was in the middle of the crowd watching the Coyote Ugly girls dance and he was also talking to people and signing stuff. I was standing a little ways away from Gene looking at him and he looked over at me a few times and then pulled me over to him along with one of the KISS girls and had us in front of him with an arm around each of us. Another amazing Gene experience. A few minutes later Gene let go of me and Gene and Paul left and that was the last we saw of them that night.
They did not return to the private party.

On Sunday I was back at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Gene and Paul had been walking around the pit areas again but when we arrived they were inside the ACDelco tent where no one was allowed unless they had an ACDelco ticket. You couldn't really tell what was going on in there except I did hear the part where they were giving away an autographed guitar. Gene and Paul came out from the tent and walked around the pits a little more and that was the last I saw of them except for when they were out on the track.