Hollywood Book Signing

February 14, 2002

By Wendy: Gene was very cool! We were the first group of people let in to see Gene and I was standing there in line watching Gene with this huge smile on my face and he looked up at the people in line, saw me and raised his eyebrows at me. John was in front of me and they let me go up there with him so we could both have our picture taken with Gene.

I had five books for Gene to sign and the book from my deluxe box set. When I got up to Gene and he signed the book that was personalized to me he asked me if I was Wendy. I said yes and he looked up at me and smiled and said something like "you'd better watch out". When I met Gene and Paul at the box set signing I was in such total awe that I couldn't manage to say anything I wanted to. So as Gene was signing my books I told him that I wanted to thank him for his music and KISS for everything.

When he was done signing my books, I suddenly remembered that it was Valentine's Day. He was sitting there looking at me and I was standing there smiling at him and I told him Happy Valentine's Day. He started to lean forward so I could give him a kiss and I was stretching as far as I could and I couldn't reach him. So he leaned really far forward and I kissed him on the cheek! Then he stood up and said "that was even a wet one". LOL. It was so much fun to hang out with everyone in line and talk to them and see all their drawings and pictures they brought for Gene to sign.
Kiss Army!!!