Eddie Trunk

April 27, 2002

During the Ace Frehley Birthday Bash on April 27, 2002, at the Rothman Center, in Hackensack, New Jersey, I was able to ask Eddie Trunk a few questions about his friendship with Ace. If you are a Kiss fan you probably already know who Eddie Trunk is. Eddie Trunk is a disc jockey in New York. He is on 102.7 WNEW and hosts a radio show called "Friday & Saturday Night Rocks with Eddie Trunk." He also has a third syndicated show called "Rock The Nation with Eddie Trunk." Eddie Trunk and Ace are good friends. Ace has been on his radio show many times. I was very impressed how humble Eddie Trunk was during my interview with him. Despite a bomb threat taking place during the Ace birthday party and all of the other fans wanting to talk to Eddie, he still made the time to talk to me for a few minutes. My meeting with him was prearranged so when he wanted to continue with it, I was very impressed.

1) How did you meet Ace? In 1986, I worked for a company called "Mega Force" records. I worked my way up to Vice President for the company. My responsibilities were to find talented artists. I knew of Ace and Kiss so I contacted Eddie Kramer regarding Ace. That was how I met him. Ace became a good friend to me. He is such an honest person.
2) When was the first time you saw Kiss?
On December 16, 1977, I saw Kiss at Madison Square Garden.
I became a fan!
3) Can you tell me a funny or wild story about you and Ace?
Oh, there are so many.
4) Ok, how about one that I can post on my website?
(Eddie starts laughing) I invited Ace to my wedding several months ago. I told Ace to be there early, however, Ace being Ace showed up about an hour late. When he arrived, he stumbled in and walked right onto the dance floor. My wife and I were dancing on the dance floor. While we were dancing, Ace walked right onto the dance floor and stepped in between us and congratulated us for getting married. That is how Ace is.
It was very funny.
5) What do you think about Ace's relationship with Kiss?
I think Ace's relationship with Kiss is an interesting but dysfunctional one. I believe they all have a deep concern for each other. No matter what, they care for each other. Ace is a very honest person and he will tell you how it is. I respect that about him. He never lies and always tells the truth. He is a very humble person.
During my interview with Eddie Trunk, a 12 year old boy saw us talking and asked Eddie if he could have Eddie's autograph. Eddie asked him if he listens to the radio show. The boy told him that he lives out of state and can only go to his web page and read about the radio show. Eddie told him that his radio show will be broadcast on the internet in the near future. Eddie signed the back of the Ace Frehley poster for the boy. Eddie stopped the interview and gave the boy his full attention. Eddie made sure that when the boy left he knew that he (Eddie) was just as happy to give the boy his autograph as the boy was to receive it. During the interview three other Eddie Trunk fans stopped by and told Eddie that they enjoyed his radio show. Eddie gave them his full attention also. He made sure that when they left they knew he appreciated their compliments. Eddie was so responsive to his fans. It was obvious that both the fans and Eddie himself, enjoyed their contact with each other. Eddie needed to leave so he could be live on his radio show. Is there anything you would like to tell the Kiss fans before you go?
I am very appreciative of the support that the Kiss fans give me. I am just a "Kiss Fan" like everyone else. On December 16, 1977, I first saw Kiss at Madison Square Garden. This comes from my heart. I am flattered by the support I receive. In a week, I could be gone, off the radio, and I would be just like everyone else, still a "Kiss Fan." I was very impressed with how humble and caring Eddie was with his fans and me. In my opinion, he is a true professional. "My Kiss Army" appreciates the time he spent during the interview.
I only wish the best for him in the future. Go to EddieTrunk.com.
He is a great guy who has a great radio show.