Charlotte KISS Expo

August 25, 2002

By: Jim and Linda

The Charlotte Kiss Expo was our first expo. I took lots of pictures and video. I met Bruce Kulick, he was very cool and we got to talk with him for a while when he first got there. He was with his friends that were helping him throughout the event. We got our pictures taken with him before everyone mobbed him. He is truly a very nice man, very friendly and was really taking the time to talk to whoever wanted to meet him. I would say he went above and beyond what he was asked to do at the expo. Linda and I got his CD Audio Dog and a picture signed, my first KISS member or x-member’s autograph, cool.

The venders had lots of stuff to choose from, a lot of it I already have, some rare stuff that was very pricey. That goes for any autographed items. There were quite a few venders there. The promoter and his friends set up tables at Gene's BD, and sold a lot the night before the expo. We stopped into the Gene BD thing and everyone was nice and friendly. We stayed a short time and then went and saw Hotter than Hell at a club called Amos.

Hotter Than Hell

Let me tell you, HTH kicked some major ass. They are raw, loud and as true to the original sound of KISS as it comes. Met them all: ACE(Scott) played his part to a T, Gene(Jim) the same, Peter(Andrew) beat the shit out of his kit, and Paul sounded so much like the real one. They really give a great tribute show.

Kiss Army

The next day, Kiss Army played. They were very also good. They were very polished and professional. You would definitely get your money's worth with either act. Ace's 1st Cousin John Hecht was there too. He was a very nice man. Did a mini slide show presentation of Ace, from birth to the present. It was not to deep because of Ace's book thing and all. Linda and I got to meet him later. Linda told him she shares the same Bday as Ace. He gave us an old nasty chewed up torn to shred pick, and gives it to her. You know where I'm going with this. We find out it is one of Ace's from years ago. He made her promise not to sell it, she said, "she would never" and thanked him. He signed our passes and programs, pretty cool. I almost forgot Bruce signed both our passes too.

We loved it and would do it all again.