American Bandstand KISS Filming

April 19, 2002

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On April 19, 2002, I went to the 50th anniversary of American Bandstand filming of Kiss at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena California. The line up was Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy. They performed one song, "Detroit Rock City." Kiss had a large amount of pyrotechnics. There was basically a wall of sparks behind Eric. Gene and Paul looked great, pure classic Kiss, with all of their classic moves. The filming started with Dick Clark talking to the audience. He was very friendly and appreciated everyone showing up. Kiss came out and played Detroit Rock City, then left the stage. The cameras filmed them during their performance. After they left the stage, Detroit Rock City was played over the sound system and the cameras filmed some of the audience. The entire filming lasted approximately 30 minutes. Personal cameras were not allowed in the auditorium and there was no way to sneak one past the metal detectors and the security officers who searched you. I took these photos outside the auditorium of the Kiss Army.

The show will air on May 3rd on ABC.